ColorStream 8000 series

Canon Серия ColorStream 8000

Delivers high production efficiencies and low operational costs across a diverse set of applications. Transform your business with exceptional print quality and outstanding productivity you can count on.

  • 200 m/min

    max print speed

  • 1,200 dpi

    Native dpi printheads

  • 560 mm

    print width

  • 94%


  • Elevate Efficiency. Accelerate Growth.

    Take on current and future production challenges with confidence. Uninterrupted productivity allows you to produce more in less time and meet tight deadlines, giving you scope to explore new markets and establish new profit streams. Accelerate your growth with a future-proof investment.

    Achieve more with less effort

    Built on a decade of continuous innovation, the ColorStream 8000 series is the most automated ColorStream ever, minimising the need for hands-on support to achieve the output your customers expect.

    Secure more revenue

    Thanks to its stunning print quality, high resolutions (up to 1200 x 1200 dpi) and speeds of up to 200 metres per minute, the ColorStream 8000 series brings new revenue streams within your grasp. Diversify your applications and broaden your reach.

    Access new business models

    On-demand printing, white paper solutions, 1:1 marketing, omnichannel communications or dynamic publishing solutions. This system gives you the quality, productivity and flexibility to successfully – and profitably – transition to new models.

    Technology at a glance

    • New touch screen UI

      Improve productivity with the intuitive operator user interface.

    • Paper path

      Expand the application range with lightweight and heavier media.

    • Prefire nozzle maintenance

      Rely on consistent quality from the first page to the last.

    • Native 1,200 dpi printheads

      Produce sharp details and crisp text with precise droplet placement.

    • Автоматично почистване на печатащата глава

      Минимална ръчна намеса от оператор.

    • Modular drying system

      Utilise a wide range of paper types with automatic ink coverage- adaptable drying technology.

    • Waste-free print pause

      Avoid paper waste during short production breaks.

    • Integrated web cleaner

      Use low-cost and recycled papers while minimising paper dust.

    • Print in speed ramps

      Reduce start-up paper waste.

    Powerful solutions fit for the future

    The ColorStream enables efficient and reliable production of business communications, direct mail, publishing, user instructions and commercial applications.

    • Transactional communications

      Go digital for a more dynamic approach to transactional mail.

    • Digital book printing

      Discover the future of books with end-to-end digital printing solutions that drive new revenue streams.

    • Digital newspaper printing

      Don’t let your business become yesterday’s news: discover how our innovative newspaper printing solutions can help publishers thrive in a digital market.

    • Manual and document printing

      Keep pace in a competitive market by enhancing efficiency and reducing production time for printed documentation and manuals.

    • Direct mail printing

      Innovative digital printing technology that makes mail- outs stand out.

    • Pharmaceutical inserts

      Digital printing opens the door to new opportunities for pharmaceutical companies and printers; find out how our solutions can deliver results.

    Print speed

    110 meters per minute
    133 meters per minute
    160 meters per minute
    200 meters per minute


    1.200 dpi DigiDot drop-on-demand, piezoelectric
    1.200 dpi DigiDot drop-on-demand, piezoelectric
    1.200 dpi DigiDot drop-on-demand, piezoelectric
    1.200 dpi DigiDot drop-on-demand, piezoelectric

    Print width

    165 – 560 mm
    165 – 560 mm
    165 – 560 mm
    165 – 560 mm

    Paper transport

    Pinless, tight web, automatic tension control
    Pinless, tight web, automatic tension control
    Pinless, tight web, automatic tension control
    Pinless, tight web, automatic tension control

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    The next step in a succesful evolution

    The ColorStream 8000 is built on more than 40 years of experience in developing award-winning digital presses, including more than 1,500 installations of the ColorStream family. Designed in direct response to customer feedback, the ColorStream 8000 is the next step in the ColorStream evolution. It can future-proof your print operation and help you open up new commercial opportunities.
    ColorStream 8000 series


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