Speed book by Horst Friedrichs

From Publishing to Production

The new book of photographs by London-based Horst Friedrichs, SPEED, is a distilled compilation of his work celebrating a two-decade journey into British subcultures, including mods, rockers, cyclists, motorcycles and vintage cars.

As Friedrichs has been a firm believer in digital printing for years and satisfied of its ability to reproduce high quality images, he was able to bring his work of art to market as a beautifully bound photobook. By repurposing his content into this stunning book, he could benefit from short run digital printing with minimised risk and costs of storing or pulping unpurchased copies. More importantly, the new process allowed him to re-purpose and monetise his content and bring it to market in a fresh, creative way.

Colleagues working on computers linked to printers

From Production to Promotion

Efficient production of the book is the first step. But getting that content into the hands of targeted readers is the ultimate goal. The SPEED book was launched at a local book store in Munich to a large audience of creative designers. The audience was overwhelmed with the quality and possibilities of digital printing for publishing and the atmosphere created by a mini exhibition of Friedrichs’ art work in the store. A wide range of digitally printed promotional assets set the scene for this superb launch event and brought the SPEED story to life.

Print tells the story

Print is something you can touch and hold. It creates a lasting impression. Each printing technology reveals a stunning SPEED application with a distinctive purpose, creative design, messaging or substrate.

From pre-event posters, mailings, in-store posters, backlits to magazines and other merchandising products – the range is impressive. SPEED is an inspirational story for book publishers and promoters to take a fresh look at their primary asset – content – and embrace new business models to maximise the effectiveness of its use to grow revenues.

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