Embrace the UVgel advantage

Stand out from the competition. Offer stunning quality and service. And enjoy the Colorado’s low cost of operation at the same time.

Canon UVgel Colorado embrace the UVgel advantage
With the Colorado series and Canon’s proven UVgel technology, you will no longer have to say ‘no’ or outsource lucrative jobs. Reinforce your reputation as forwardthinking print provider with a Colorado series large format graphics printer, and confidently accept the most complex roll-to-roll jobs in-house.

Colorado roll-to-roll printers with UVgel

  • Canon Colorado M-series printer

    Серия Colorado M

    Напълно модулен UVgel принтер тип „ролка към ролка“ за широкоформатен печат. Конфигурирайте системата според нуждите си и я надстройте по-късно, когато печатните ви обеми се увеличат. Налични са много опции, включително комбиниран печат гланц/мат и печат с бяло мастило.

  • Canon UVgel wallpaper factory

    UVgel wallpaper factory

    The UVgel Wallpaper Factory is an end-to-end automated solution for highvolume production of wall décor applications: designed for maximum throughput at high quality and 24/7 run times.

  • ColoradoM_UVgel_Printfactory

    UVgel Print Factory

    End-to-end automated solution for 24/7 roll-media production of all your UVgel mass volumes applications.

UVgel: All the advantages, zero limitations

UVgel is a technology that combines all the advantages of the traditional ink technologies while, at the same time, eliminating many of their limitations.

  • Rich colours, sharp details

    Rich colours, sharp details

    With precise dot placement with no dot gain, UVgel prints have outstanding colour quality and consistency from a wide colour gamut, with sharp details and strong saturation for dark colours.

  • Velvety matte finish

    Velvety matte finish

    UVgel ink drops are ‘pinned’ to the media instantly, prior to LED curing, resulting in a stunning velvety matte finish on a wide variety of media, such as uncoated and vinyl media.

  • Odourless, no drying time

    Odourless, no drying time

    The odourless UVgel prints are certified for immediate use, even in sensitive environments. Prints are instantly dry, requiring no evaporative drying process.

  • Robust, consistent prints

    Robust, consistent prints

    Prints are scratch and scuff resistant, making them less susceptible to damage. Dot placement is controlled, ensuring consistently repeatable images over time and over different machines.

  • Low heat media stability

    Low heat media stability

    The low-temperature UVgel printing process ensures no stretching or deformation, producing dimensionally stable output every time.

  • Media versatility

    Media versatility

    UVgel supports a vast range of printable substrates, including vinyl and un-coated non-wovens.

  • Wide application range. Creativity is the only limitation.

    In today’s printing world, it is not enough to be the best at what you do. Customers increasingly want to be able to rely on you for a large variety of eye-catching, innovative applications – at a sharp price and immediate turnaround. See what's possible with the Colorado series.

    • Canon Backlit light box

      Backlit light box

      Powerful, high-density images thanks to UVgel technology.

    • Canon outdoor advertising

      Outdoor advertising

      Unrivalled low running costs for price-sensitive outdoor banners and blueback applications.

    • Canon floor graphics

      Floor graphics

      Robust SAV prints with brilliant colours.

    • Canon Gallery-quality canvasses

      Gallery-quality canvasses

      Exceptional artistic freedom with flexible, robust UVgel inks.

    • Canon stunning posters

      Stunning posters

      Increase your margins with premium posters printed on plain paper. With UVgel inks the final quality is stunning.

    • Canon framed softsignage retail poster

      Framed softsignage retail poster

      Environmentally friendly products in style, confirmed by GREENGUARD Gold.

    • Canon pop-up banners

      Pop-up banners

      Flexible film and roll-up banners that strike with vibrant colours, scratch resistent and produced on low cost media.

    • Canon wallpaper


      Robust, scratch-resistant wallpaper with excellent dimensional stability and colour consistency thanks to UVgel technology.

    • Canon Blueback printing

      Blueback printing

      Catch the eye of your target audience with high colour gamut advertising, produced economically on your Colorado.

    • Canon vehicle graphics

      Vehicle graphics

      Catch your audience’s eye with high quality vehicle graphics and fleet graphics.

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