CanoScan 9000F Mark II

This professional film, photo, slide and document scanner offers simple, fast and versatile scanning of exceptional quality with zero warm-up, one-touch operation and auto image correction.

Canon CanoScan 9000F Mark II


    • Professional film, photo, slide and document scanner
    • High quality scanning: 9600x9600dpi for film, 4800x4800dpi for photos and documents
    • Fast photo and document scanning: approx. 7 sec for A4 colour at 300 dpi
    • High speed film scanning: approx. 18 sec for 35mm negative at 1200 dpi
    • Versatile handling: 12x35mm film strip, 4x35mm mounted slides and 120 format film max. 6x22cm (filmstrip only)
    • Auto image correction: Integrated FARE Level 3 removes dust, scratches and corrects fading
    • Simple one-touch operation via 7 EZ buttons
    • Zero warm-up and lower power consumption with White LED
    • Scan to your Evernote or Dropbox cloud service
    • Create multipage secure PDFs

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Enhanced quality, exceptional detail

Enjoy the ultimate in reproduction quality. This professional film, photo, slide and document scanner features a CCD sensor for up to 9600 x 9600dpi film scanning and 4800x4800dpi document and photo scanning. It delivers exceptionally detailed images that are ideal for enlargement and high resolution printing, while 48-bit colour depth ensures accurate colour reproduction.

Versatile film handling

Handle all your film scanning needs effortlessly with the built-in film adapter. It scans 12x 35mm filmstrip and 4x mounted slides - either positive or negative - in a single operation. It also supports 120 format film (max. 6x 22cm).

Instant, high speed scanning

Achieve dramatic improvements in productive scan performance. Scan 35mm negative film fast, at approx. 18 seconds at 1200dpi, or scan an A4 colour photo or document in approx. 7 seconds (300 dpi). Plus start scanning straight away, and save power, thanks to zero warm-up time and lower power consumption with White LED light. Auto Power Off saves power by automatically switching the scanner off after a selected period of non-use.

Automatic image correction

Restore scratched, damaged, dusty and faded film with ease, without tedious manual retouching. Canon's unique FARE (Film Automatic Retouching and Enhancement) Level 3 technology - integrated in the scanner - does the job for you using an infrared light that scans for physical defects on the film surface.

Simple one-touch operation

Operation is quick and easy even for the most complex functions. 7 EZ buttons give you instant access to Auto Scan, Copy, Email and the creation of multi-page PDFs. The 'Auto-Scan' button recognises photo, document and film types, providing suitable settings for scanning and saving. The built-in AC adaptor makes the unit more compact and reduces desk clutter.

Smart software included

Make the

Спецификации на продукта

Научете повече за Canon CanoScan 9000F Mark II, неговите функции и какво може да прави.

Scanning resolution in dots per inch

Разделителна способност на сканиране в точки на инч

A4 colour document scan speed

Скорост на сканиране на цветни документи формат A4

Negative film scanning

Сканиране на негативи

One touch operation

Работа чрез едно натискане на бутон

PDF files creation function

Функция за създаване на PDF файлове

Film Auto Retouching & Enhancement

Автоматично ретуширане и подобряване филмови ленти

CCD sensor for large colour gamut

CCD сензор за широка цветова гама

One-stop creative software

Универсален креативен софтуер

  • Скенер

  • USB кабел

  • Захранващ кабел

  • Филмов водач (35 mm филмова лента/рамка за диапозитив)

  • Филмов водач (среден формат)

  • Инсталационен диск и печатни материали

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