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Invoice Processing

Stop wasting time on manual receipt, validation, approval and processing of invoices. With Canon’s automated invoice processing solution you can win back up to 50% of your time.

Invoices are processed quickly and efficiently – from document scanning right through to archiving. Smart Accounts Payable reporting options put you in control while all errors are flagged for attention. Invoices can be linked to purchase orders or delivery notes automatically before being sent for mobile authorisation. All of which gives you the time to focus on your core business.

Did you know?

75% of Finance departments input invoice line items manually into the ERP system - RS Consulting / Canon Europe 2011

2/3 of suppliers’ invoices take 10 days or more to be processed - RS Consulting / Canon Europe 2011

Why Canon Invoice Processing?

Reduce your costs

Canon Invoice Processing can cut invoice processing times, reduce late payment penalties and avoid costly invoice disputes. With easier access to payment information you can check early payment discounts are being applied and transform your Accounts Payable department into a profit centre.

Take greater control

Whether you need to empower faster, more accurate processing or simply quicker, clearer reporting, now you can gain complete control over your cash flow. Our solution allows you to get the information you need swiftly and more accurately than ever before with the benefit of smart reporting tools.

Work faster and smarter

Canon Invoice Processing automation dramatically reduces the time it takes to enter data manually and will immediately improve input accuracy. By facilitating mobile payment approvals and providing instant invoice status visibility, you can focus on revenue generation and customer service.

Meet compliance standards

Integrating our solution into your existing retention and compliance policies is simple. Approval steps and document ownership are easy to identify, while the retrieval of digital invoices for auditing is quick and straightforward.


Това промени начина ни на работа. Сега входящите фактури се сортират по начин, по който преди дори не сме мечтали. Вече разполагам с повече време да бъда на място по проектите заедно с моите служители и клиенти.

Sarab Entreprenad AB, Швеция

We now have a firm grip on our accounts payable system and are processing the invoices 40% quicker than before. With the addition of the money saved from the reduced penalty fines, the Canon solution has resulted in a 30% cost saving overall.

Van Dillewijn Group, The Netherlands

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