Canon XEED SX6000


The XEED SX6000 incorporates LCOS and AISYS technology with motorised lenses to deliver a true 6000 lumens colour brightness and SXGA+ resolution - ideal where a traditional aspect ratio is required.


    • Native SXGA+ resolution
    • LCOS technology
    • 6000 lumens colour brightness
    • 1000:1 contrast ratio
    • Motorised zoom, focus and lens shift
    • Four interchangeable lenses
    • Advanced RGB and gamma adjustment
    • DVI and HDMI™ inputs
    • PJLink™ compatible network port
    • 360° installation

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Bright, detailed projection

The XEED SX6000 is Canon's brightest LCOS installation projector. With SXGA+ (1400x1050) high resolution and 6000 lumens, it is ideal in spaces where brightness matters: like multi-display environments, large venues and auditoriums.

Overwhelming image quality

The 0.7" LCOS panel, along with the Canon AISYS optical system, ensures your audience sees only perfect, seamless images - even in demanding spaces like hotel conference facilities or lecture halls.

4:3 projection and a high aperture ratio ensures silky images, making this model ideal for professional photographers who want to showcase the subtle tones in their work. Deep blacks and vivid colours are assured thanks to a 1000:1 contrast ratio.

Unmatched Canon lens quality

Installation projectors need very accurate lenses, and the XEED SX6000 offers both the quality and flexibility you demand. With Canon lens technology, you are assured superior image definition and maximum brightness.

The advanced installation feature of ½ pixel accuracy lets you show off your images to their best advantage - essential for multiple projector installs such as 3D, stacking, blended systems and domes.

Select your ideal lens

Four interchangeable high precision lenses, including standard 1.5x zoom, wide angle, 1.7x long zoom and 1.95x ultra long zoom, give you the flexibility to express your creativity in even the largest environments.

Control your images

The XEED SX6000 includes a range of smart features to help you present your images faithfully and accurately. Individual RGB control, 6-Axis Colour and Gamma Detail adjustment helps you achieve exceptional colour matching that is very close to professionally calibrated devices.

Flexible to connect and operate

The XEED SX6000 offers a wide choice of connectivity options suitable for business, education and public display envi

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For powerful brightness and a high contrast ratio
HD Ready
Industry standard control protocol

Серийни команди

Изтеглете серийните команди, необходими за настройката на дистанционното управление на SX6000

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Case Study Gesundheit Nord Medical

Медицински центрове "Gesundheit Nord"

Видеопрожекторите на Canon осигуряват възможно най-ясните изображения за лекарите от групата "Gesundheit Nord Klinikverbund Bremen gGmbH". Използвайки медицинските видеопрожектори Canon XEED SX80 Mark II, работната им процедура е осъвременена и в момента цифровите рентгенови системи се прилагат за всекидневни консултации в четири клиники в Бремен.

Case Study inamo Restaurant

Ресторант inamo, Лондон

През 2010 г. в "inamo st james" бяха монтирани над 90 прожектора Canon XEED. Прожекторите са част от решението E-TableTM на inamo, което позволява на клиентите да си поръчват ястия, да избират светлинна покривка за маса, да гледат "ChefCam" от кухнята и дори да си поръчват такси за дома – всичко това чрез прожектиран върху масата им екран.